Bad Habits to Break in the New Year

Bad Habits to Break in the New Year (and Good Habits to Replace Them With)

Happy New Year! Belatedly, since I took some time off through Christmas and New Year’s to enjoy and focus on my family… It was super relaxing and great to just unwind, but I’m excited for a fabulous and productive 2018. We’ve also been a bit derailed by the stomach bug going around, but seem to […]

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Portfolio and Services Pages Up

A little over five months ago, I shared here about some of my website issues and how I would be undergoing a redesign, as well as adding a services and portfolio page. It took a bit longer than expected (story of my life!) due to taking most of the summer off from blogging. If you’re […]

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Website Issues and Redesign

As I’ve looked into getting my design portfolio up on my website, I’ve discovered something unfortunate. Headway, which I used to design my website, seems to be experiencing some financial difficulties, and the support has been really spotty, and I’ve also had some really weird technical glitches with my website. In order to create a portfolio […]

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