My Colorful Glam Foyer Reveal

Colorful Modern Glam Entry Way;

Over the next few months I’ll be photographing my house and revealing it room by room on this blog. That is, AFTER I go through a massive declutter. 😉 The entryway or foyer is a space that is often overlooked when decorating, because most families don’t spend much time hanging out there. BUT this is the first room your guests see when entering your home, and I believe it should make a welcoming impression and give a hint of what’s to come in the rest of the house. I’ll fill you in on the details as we go, but you’ll quickly see that my colorful glam foyer was not a budget breaking endeavor.Colorful Modern Glam Entry Way;

The white dry sink is an old Ethan Allen piece that my parents had in the home I grew up in. When I was planning Arabella’s nursery, I knew it would make the perfect changing table, and by that time it was just hanging out in our storage room where I was holding it for my parents. They said I could paint it, and it really was the perfect changing table! I wish I had a before picture of it in all of its mahogany brown glory, but blogging was not even a blip on my radar at that point. This is what it looked like in the nursery at our old house, before I had distressed the edges. And that’s my sweet little baby girl, at nine days old.Vintage Ethan Allen Dry Sink as Changing Table

Once Bells was potty trained, after we’d been in this house for a little over a year, I got antsy to decorate our empty entry way and didn’t want to spend much money, so I figured we could repurpose that piece here. One day while Adam was at work, I slowly and carefully brought it down the stairs, with Kaden waiting at the bottom of the stair case to place cardboard under the legs so I could drag it over to its new home without damaging the floors. Adam wasn’t too happy with me for that move, but when the design bug hits, you’ve got to go with it!Colorful Modern Glam Entry Way;

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Colorful Modern Glam Entry Way;

The gold mirror was another hand me down from my mom, the two frames were thrift finds, and the canvas is a DIY art project based off a this tutorial that basically involved painting large blobs of paint (yes, blobs is the technical term), assisted by my children, letting it dry, taping a grid with painters tape, spray painting gold over the tape, and removing the tape. There were a few additional steps in there to fix some paint bleeds, but that’s the gist of it.

Colorful Modern Glam Entry Way;

That 5×8 rug was purchased on Overstock for about $135 right after we moved into the house four and a half years ago, and trust me, after five MN winters, it has seen better days! As soon as the snow is gone for good, something fun and new will be taking its place. I do still love the large chevron ikat pattern, but I’ll go in a different direction this time around just to keep life exciting! Similar style rugs can be found here and here. That first one is a steal!Colorful Modern Glam Entry Way;

The pink throw was another Home Goods find, for about $20. Just love that place!Colorful Modern Glam Entry Way;

The chevron candle was a gift from my sister-in-law, and the blue vase was purchased at Dollar Tree. So you can see I didn’t spend a ton of money decorating my colorful glam foyer. Colorful Modern Glam Entry Way;

The ficus is faux, although it’s a really good fake! That was also a hand me down from my sweet mama. It has a pretty awful 80’s brass planter I covered with a laundry hamper from Amazon, which I originally bought for a client, but ended up keeping when it didn’t work in her space. It’s amazing how many times that happens. ;)Colorful Modern Glam Entry Way;

The chair is a spare from our dining room set I purchased second hand from a friend named Carole who owns a sweet little shop filled with repurposed items called Les Junc. She also paints cabinets, so if you’re in the Twin Cities area and looking for a kitchen refresh on a small budget, shoot her a message!

Colorful Modern Glam Entry Way;

This is my current view as I type this post from my office. The art above the chair is some colorful foil embossed wrapping paper from World Market in a $12 frame from Home Goods. The purse was a Charming Charlie find, and I love how large it is. Kate Spade makes a similar but much more fabulous one I’m drooling over!Colorful Modern Glam Entry Way;

Have you decorated your entryway or foyer? I hope this colorful glam foyer reveal showed you how you can make little, inexpensive changes that make a big impact! I’d love to hear your thoughts or any ideas you’ve picked up in the comments below…

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  1. Whaaat?! When I looked at the first pic I thought, “That art canvas must have been the most expensive piece there, it’s so unique. ” It’s fabulous (and so You! You painted it with your kids?? Amazing, and I would have NEVER guessed!
    NO ONE thinks about their front entry, (including me), GREAT thinking once again Kris!

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