Thrifted Gold Nativity Set

A couple of years ago I was at Goodwill with one of my friends and stumbled across a large nativity set, in pristine condition. While it wasn’t totally my style color wise, I immediately pictured it all in gold, and I snatched it up, for a grand total of $28. It wasn’t until I was checking out and the cashier had wrapped up nearly all of the pieces that I realized the nativity set was missing one key piece… Baby Jesus! Thrifted Nativity Set - Painted Gold

Seriously, how did I miss that?! Baby Jesus is kind of the whole point of the nativity scene! At that point, I felt bad bailing on the cashier, and I also figured that a baby Jesus would eventually turn up.

So for the last couple of years, I’ve casually looked for a baby Jesus with no luck. But this year, I hit the jackpot on ebay. This little ceramic Jesus obviously didn’t match the rest of the set, BUT since I was planning on spray painting the entire set in my favorite Rustoleum Metallic Gold spray paint, that didn’t matter. The size and detail were right for the rest of the set, so I bid on him and a few days later he showed up in my mailbox!Thrifted Nativity Set - spray painted goldThe overall detail on this set is stunning. And yes, that is the rug that used to be in my dining room that I tried (and failed) to paint for the One Room Challenge. It has become my new spray painting station. This time of year in MN, spray painting is impossible outdoors because of the low temperatures, so I end up spraying in our furnace room, which makes our entire house smell like spray paint for days… And maybe isn’t the safest? Although I do know not to spray NEAR the furnace, the smell and overspray just somehow end up traveling through our whole house. But now I have the destroyed 8×10 rug to spray on. That’s what I call a happy accident!

But I won’t stall any longer… I know you’re dying to see the set after its makeover. 😉Thrifted Gold Nativity SetNot bad for a grand total of $38, including the can of gold spray paint! Thrifted Gold Nativity Set Thrifted Gold Nativity SetThrifted Gold Nativity SetThrifted Gold Nativity SetI’ve also been spraying a bunch of other thrifted items gold… It just makes everything so glam and pretty!

What is your go to spray paint color?

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