One Room Challenge – Week 2 (The Plan)

Last week I posted about starting the One Room Challenge on a whim… Linda from Calling It Home and House Beautiful host this amazing event!

My plan for this week: paint, paint, paint.

My reality this week: hack, hack, run to the ER, hack, hack, clean up puke, hack, hack.

So clearly my week did not go as planned… I’ve been dealing with a nasty virus for over two weeks, and have been semi-functional during the day, but a total hacking mess at night. To top it off, on Sunday night, my sweet five year old girl was up almost the entire night with intense stomach pain, to the point that I ended up bringing her to the ER in the wee hours (what exactly does that mean?) Monday to rule out appendicitis. Which is turned out to NOT be, thank God!

All this means that I’m feeling a little (otherwise knows as a LOT) behind, already. So instead of posting about my non-existent progress this week, I’m going to fill you in on a few more details about my design plan.

1. Paint Walls

My headboard wall is already black, and the other three (currently gray Benjamin Moore – Nimbus) will be getting a few coats of lovely white paint. While I didn’t get around to painting, I DID pick a white paint, which is a victory in itself! Man, whites take some serious thought! I debated for much longer than I care to admit about which color to go with. I have Benjamin Moore White Dove in my office, and it works with the contrast of the dalmation wall (which will be spreading to the plain white wall you see, but that’s a post for a later day), but it feels a little bit muddy or flat to me, and I really want a bright white.

My Office Walls – Benjamin Moore Dove White

The white needs to have some warmth in it though, because my trim is very warm (Dover White by Sherwin Williams). After a lot of debate, repeatedly checking Pinterest posts on the best warm white paint, holding paint chips up at multiple angles in my bedroom, and compulsively texting my design inclined friends (they will tell you, it was obnoxious), I settled on Cloud White. Below are just a couple of the MANY iphone pictures I texted my friends while trying to decide.I am really hoping Cloud White will be the perfect balance of bright and warmth. I guess we’ll find out if I ever manage to get my family healthy enough to paint!

2. New Nightstands

I have some Ikea Rast nightstands I’m planning on jazzing up with a campaign style hack. I’ll be painting them fuschia (yes, my husband is a saint). I’m thinking Behr Diva Glam for the paint color, but haven’t decided if I’ll use Satin or Semi-Gloss finish. Satin will mask any imperfections better, but the thought of a more glossy almost lacquer like finish gives me butterflies with the glamour of it all… Big decisions. 3. New Dresser

Our wide black dresser is getting swapped out for this Ikea Hemnes with some gold accents we bought second hand from my sister-in-law last year. It was originally intended for my son’s room, with a coat of navy paint, but it feels like a shame to paint something in such great condition, and I’m ready to do away with our black dresser, so it’s finding it’s new home in my room shortly. The TV is hopefully getting mounted (but it is old = HEAVY, so we’ll see how that goes…), but it is staying, and I’m trying to figure out a way to make it less of an eyesore. Maybe a fun gallery wall surrounding it, similar to what Shannon Claire of Burlap and Lace: The Blog did in her One Room Challenge Living Room Reveal a couple of years ago.

Shannon Claire Interiors ORC Living Room Reveal

4. New Bedding

Our Anthropologie rosette bedding is staying because I can’t bear to part with its yummy softness, and I still love the look, but we will be getting new sheets (long overdue) and some fun new throw pillows, and most likely at least one throw to layer in. While my overall goal for the room is GLAM (of course), I want to bring in a slightly more modern/eclectic/tropical feel, so I’m thinking some shibori prints will be a necessity.

5. Painted Mirror

Paint this odd colored rectangular mirror I bought years ago from Home Goods for $40, with the intent to paint, that I never got around to. My original plan was to paint it white, and then I more recently considered gold, but after I saw this picture of this gorgeous space by Colleen McGill I knew it had to be black. Bonus if I could find an amazing pink settee! Painting the mirror is one “to do” that I can actually check off, because I spray painted it over the weekend. Yay!

Architectural Interiors by Colleen McGill of McGill Design Group Inc.
Bench, Mirror, Chair and Pillows available at Plum Furniture (also created and designed by Colleen McGill)

6. Redo the “Giveaway Corner”

I’d really like a sitting/reading area in the corner where my giveaway pile currently is (nope, still haven’t dealt with this – another part of my plan that fell through this week), but this will depend on how the budget works out. This is a last minute room redo, and I’m basically finishing it with stuff I have already collected over the last few years, or purchasing things with funds from our old furniture that I’m selling…  Plus, I don’t know if I would ever actually use this space for sitting or reading, but it’s a fun idea, right? Feeling inspired by this cute vignette by Lindsay of The Pursuit of Style.

The Pursuit of Style Vignette

7. Find Color Balance

As I’m giving my design plan a little more thought (since that’s about all I’ve had time for!), I find I’m making changes before I’ve even really started. Maybe changes isn’t quite right… More tweaks and additions. The inspiration board I shared last week is still the basis of my design plan, but it is obviously a small piece of what the room needs, so I’m adding more layers the more I think on it… I’ve realized I am drawn to the depth of a larger color palette. I originally planned on primarily black and white with accent colors of teal and pink, but now I want to bring in some additional jewel tones, like navy blue, vibrant yellow, and maybe emerald green. If I could ever achieve the same balance of color as Emily Henderson did in her bedroom, that would be the dream. Seriously, if I could just steal her brain, that would work too. Oh wait, that sounds super creepy. Never mind. Seriously, though, the woman is a genius!

Emily Henderson Jewel Tone Bedroom

So what do you think? Am I crazy for still thinking I can finish this room in time to complete the One Room Challenge? If you want to stay up to date on my progress, sign up for emails so you don’t miss a post!

Be sure to head over to the One Room Challenge page to check out what the rest of the designers and bloggers are doing!

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  1. OMG! Can’t wait to see the end result! Man I should have partipated in this challenge as well. Maybe it would have push me to finish my bathroom 😩😩

    1. Thanks! This is my first One Room Challenge and definitely gave me the kick in the pants I needed to pull together all of the stuff I’ve been thinking about for my bedroom for the last couple of years! Maybe we can do the spring ORC together.